So last night, May 16th, 2017 Steve and I recorded our first episode of Would You Like a Sequel With That?

The purpose of this podcast is to give our vision for sequels that were never made or sequels that would have been amazing if they were made.

Steve and I talk a lot, and when I say a lot, I mean A LOT! about movies and TV shows. We actually saw Spider Man 3 opening night and to be honest we didn’t think it was too bad. Granted, we were freshman almost sophomores in High School at the time it was released so we may have just been young and stupid.

Years later we were having a conversation about podcasts we would like to start and we thought it would be fun to talk about movie sequels never made!

I immediately had an idea as I had just been researching Sam Raimi’s Spider Man trilogy. We both agreed immediately that this would be a great topic to cover for our first series. WAIT! Did I say series? I believe I did…

More on that later! In the mean time be sure to catch our first episode of the Would You Like a Sequel with That Podcast! Coming June 23rd, 2017!

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