As some of you may know.  One of our local filmmakers new film project Bonehill Road has taken off!  I am of course talking about Todd Sheets!

Todd Sheets is a renowned genre filmmaker who keeps his primary base here in Kansas City.  Todd has made movies longer than I have been alive and it shows.

A few years ago Todd had stopped making movies and soon after had a near fatal heart attack!  He was in the hospital and vowed to return to filmmaking if he could get out alive.

Lucky for us all, after quadruple bypass surgery and various complications Todd was released from the hospital ready to start again!

Todd’s first return to film was House of Forbidden Secrets starring fantastic local talent Nicole Santorella as clairvoyant Cassie Traxler .  I was lucky enough to work with Nicole my freshman year of college on a short film for the 48 hour film festival.  She is a class act, one of the nicest actresses I’ve ever met, and always brings her A-Game to any role.

A frequent collaborator with Todd, Antwoine Steele returned, this time not as the iconic Durville Sweet but in the more serious role of Jacob Hunt.  I honestly didn’t recognize Antwoine in this role as his characters are always a force to be reckoned with.  Yet, this was a welcome change.

Todd also brought in a lot of well known talent to the movie as well.    Dyanne Thorne (Ilsa exploitation movies of the 70s), Lew Temple (Rob Zombie’s The Devil’s Rejects and 31, The Walking Dead), Alan Keyser (Night of the Creeps), and George Hardy (Troll 2).  A very stacked list in genre film!

Photo of Antwoine Steele

Photo of Lew Temple

Poster of House of Forbidden Secrets


After experiencing success with House of Forbidden Secrets, Todd followed up with Dreaming Purple Neon.  This was actually the film where I met him and Alex!

I was an extra on Dreaming Purple Neon for the big finale.  It was a great experience and the cold sprayed blood felt great in the Missouri summer heat!

Dreaming Purple Neon has done incredibly well being accepted into many film festivals and winning multiple awards.

Lately I’ve been helping Alex on his first feature film through Extreme Entertainment called Zombie Rampage 2.  The film has been a blast and I cannot wait to see the finished product!  I’m keeping everything on the down low just in case.

While working on Zombie Rampage 2, Sheets has been laying the ground work for his next feature BONEHILL ROAD!


BONEHILL- INDIEGOGO PROMO from Todd Sheets on Vimeo.

Trying something different, the Extreme Entertainment family did an IndieGoGo campaign promoting a no CGI werewolf film!

The idea has taken off being covered by multiple horror outlets such as Bloody Disgusting, Dread Central, and Horror Society!  The IndieGoGo was incredibly successful making over $14,000 (a great amount more than the requested $2,500).  The campaign did so well that IndieGoGo is extending the time to allow for a few more donations.

I am excited to announce that in some way I will be a part of this great project!  I cannot announce at this time what it is, but I’m sure you will find out soon!

I know that it is recommended to stay off Bonehill Road, but at this time I cannot wait to find it and stay there!

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