On a fateful day in August of 2013 a super nerd by the name of Skyler had been rejected for a PC repair job at Office Depot.  He was attending college and needed a new job that would give him experience in his degree field (Information Technology).  Sick of working dead end jobs with a schedule he had no say so in and a never ending amount of student loan debt piling up he decided it was time to make a change.

Skyler started the company PXE Media in September of 2013 to assist small business owners with minor technology needs.  It was successful right off the bat and provided Skyler with a great source of income and resume building for the next two years.

In 2015, Skyler graduated college, got married, and accepted a big boy job to grow up and live happily ever after.  To live happily ever after PXE Media went by the wayside and was closed indefinitely…

While Skyler has been living happily ever after with his wife and dog, his dream of evolving beyond a super nerd continued.  Genre film has always been a part of his life and the obsession only grows.  After attending multiple fan conventions he decided it was time for PXE Media to begin…again!

Let it be known that in 2017 PXE Media started a new mission…  To create new and exciting media spanning multiple genres!  Podcasts, movies, graphic novels, etc. The list keeps growing.

Now after a 2 year break and a 15 minute session writing an about section on a website referring to yourself in the third person Skyler and the rest of PXE Media are ready to hit the ground running!